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Setlite Engineers Limited has been the front runner in providing state of the art services to its customer across the world in the field of heavy earth moving machinery. The company was conceived in 1993 with a vision to provide services and spare parts of the highest standard to the earth moving equipment industry.

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Our Product Range

Establishing a Legacy of Reliability in Heavy Earth Moving Equipment

Discover a comprehensive range of high-quality products designed to cater to all your mining machinery needs. Our offerings encompass a diverse array of components and solutions, including transmission assemblies and spare parts, ensuring seamless power distribution. Engine assemblies and spare parts are available to maintain peak performance, while undercarriage spare parts enhance mobility and durability. For your heavy equipment requirements, we provide both sales and rental options. Additionally, explore our refurbished HEMM sub-assemblies, a sustainable choice that combines cost-effectiveness with reliability. Elevate your mining operations with our dependable products that prioritize efficiency, longevity, and optimal functionality.

Transmission Assemblies and Spare Parts

Essential components for power transfer in vehicles & machinery, ensuring efficient performance & maintenance.

Engine Assemblies and Spare Parts

Essential components for constructing and maintaining internal combustion engines, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Our best Undercarriage Spares Parts

Essential components for machinery support, including tracks, rollers, and idlers, ensuring smooth movement and durability.

Heavy Equipment for Sale and Rental

Buy or rent heavy equipment for mining operations. Enhance efficiency and productivity with our offerings.

Refurbished HEMM Sub Assemblies

Renewed sub assemblies for mining machinery, ensuring optimal performance & durability. Refurbished to function like new.

Our Best Heavy Equipment Spare Parts

 Ensuring operational efficiency and reliability. Vital for maintenance, repairs, and optimal performance.

What include in Our Services

Unearth Excellence in Mining Machinery

Transmission Overhauling

Enhance mining machinery’s performance with expert Transmission Overhauling, Repairs, Exchange, and convenient Onsite Services.

Engine Overhauling

Comprehensive mining engine services: repair, overhaul, exchange, onsite support. Enhance performance and extend machinery life.

Equipment Maintenance

Ensure uninterrupted mining operations with our all-inclusive maintenance contract, covering servicing, repairs, and support for your machinery.

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